LawyersDirect Network is changing the way Americans access lawyers and the legal system. As a member of our legal services plan you and your family will have access to our network of plan lawyers who will provide you with free and deeply reduced rate legal services.

Many legal matters can be handled with nothing more than a free phone call made or a letter written on your behalf by one of our plan lawyers. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can contact your plan lawyer for any legal service or need that may arise, such as:

    • To review a lease or rental agreement.
    • Help buying a home or transferring property.
    • Debt negotiations and/or bankruptcy.
    • When considering a divorce.
    • When dealing with child custody or grandparent’s rights issues.
    • Help probating an estate.
    • Help with a dispute regarding a consumer product or service.
  • Many other issues and most areas of law included.

These are legal services you and your family cannot afford to be without. Our plan lawyers provide our members with the following free and reduced fee legal services:

Basic Member Services

In-Person Consultations (FREE)
During your first year of membership, your assigned plan lawyer will meet with you for a free initial consultation and an additional follow-up consultation as needed and determined by your assigned plan lawyer. Normally these in-person consultations occur within the first few months of enrollment and are prefaced with a brief telephone consultation. Should you desire additional in-person consultations, your plan lawyer will bill you directly at the “members only” hourly rate of $125 per hour.

Unlimited Telephone Consultations (FREE)
Just pick up the phone and consult with your plan lawyer on a wide variety of personal legal issues. No time limit! No additional charges! We believe it is important that individuals have access to lawyers and the legal system whenever needed.

Lawyer Letters (FREE)
When needed, your plan lawyer will prepare and send letters on your behalf for personal legal matters. Your request or demand may be taken more seriously when it is made by a lawyer.

Lawyer Calls (FREE)
When needed, your plan lawyer will make telephone calls on your behalf for personal matters. With a phone call, your lawyer may be able to resolve your problem quickly and easily. Most people take it very seriously when they receive a call from a lawyer.

Contract and Document Review (FREE)
Save yourself time and costly mistakes by having your important legal documents reviewed by your plan lawyer. Any personal matter is included.

LawyersDirect System 2000 (FREE)
Your plan lawyer will prepare all of the documents you need to handle your estate settlement issues ahead of time (primary member and spouse only). This package includes the necessary documents particular to your personal situation such as Wills, Living Wills, Pour-Over Wills, General and Medical Durable Powers-of-Attorney, Trusts, LLC’s, Life Estates, POD designations and TOD designations (not all documents needed in every case). Usually, this feature alone more than offsets the membership fee of your legal service plan.

Note: Deed work and transfers will incur additional legal, filing and other fees and costs. Also, if you have out-of-state property to be transferred or re-titled, you will receive assistance in handling the matter; however, out-of-state lawyer fees will be incurred and must be paid directly by you. You may instead choose to work directly with any out-of-state lawyer you choose.

Note: The LawyersDirect System 2000 is a trademark of LawyersDirect Network Inc. and refers to the advance estate resolution portfolio of legal documents prepared by plan lawyers for new members. By contract, LawyersDirect plan lawyers agree to provide members with this comprehensive advance legal planning and portfolio. However, LawyersDirect does not dictate, direct, monitor or supervise the work to be done by plan lawyers for plan members. Plan lawyers use their own independent professional judgment to construct the best strategy and portfolio of legal documents for members.

Estate Settlement Services (FREE)
For members (includes spouse) who have fully implemented their LawyersDirect System 2000, your plan lawyer will handle any uncontested estate administration and/or trust administration for your heirs after your death at no additional cost. This normally involves a teleconference meeting. Not only will this save your loved ones a significant amount of money, it will also make the process less complicated, less time consuming and much less stressful.

Note: Handling contested wills or trusts will incur legal fees, as well as legal work for out-of-state property transfers and estate administration.

Supplemental Member Services

Probate and Estate Administration
This includes any probate case in which the member or qualified family member (eligible dependents) is named as an executor, executrix, or administrator of a non-member’s estate. For uncontested matters, our plan lawyers charge only $125 per hour or up to 2% of probate estate assets, whichever is higher. Non-probate assets are administered for free. Availability basis only.

Note: Certain minimum fees and other restrictions and exclusions may apply. Ancillary probate administration for out-of-state property will incur additional legal fees and are not included as benefits under this plan.

Document Updates
At your request, your plan lawyer will amend and update any of your System 2000 documents for a fixed fee of only $25 per document when such updates can be handled by telephone conference and email. Should you request an in-person consultation or work that exceeds simply amending or updating existing already created documents, additional fixed fees as determined by your plan lawyer and/or hourly rate charges of $125 per hour will apply. Availability basis only.

Hourly Rates
For other non-specified legal matters such as Medicaid planning, Medicaid application processing, corporate and small business legal matters, civil litigation, and other legal matters, plan lawyers charge our members a fixed hourly rate of only $125 per hour. Availability basis only.

Note: It is normal for your plan lawyer to bill you for the services of other lawyers and paralegals who work on your case. The maximum fee for their services is also $125 per hour.

Pre-existing Legal Matters
New members are not excluded from taking care of existing legal matters under the terms of membership. In fact, many people become members because of a current legal need such as an impending probate case, divorce, bankruptcy, real estate transaction or civil lawsuit. Availability basis only.

In the case of supplemental legal services, plan lawyers may ask you for a retainer. Any retainer will be computed by multiplying the number of hours a plan lawyer believes a case will take by the plan’s reduced hourly rate.

Plan Lawyers
Plan lawyers are licensed and qualified to practice law in your state, are required by LawyersDirect to maintain professional liability insurance and have agreed to provide legal services to LawyersDirect Legal Plan members under the terms and at the rates described in this Schedule of Benefits.

Not all legal matters are handled by all plan lawyers, and no lawyer is required to accept any particular case or legal work assignment. Your legal problem or need may encompass an area of law in which a particular lawyer has little or no expertise or experience. In some cases, a particular lawyer many not be able to accept your case due to a conflict-of-interest or lack of availability. In such cases, LawyersDirect will attempt to reassign you another lawyer who can assist you. However, LawyersDirect cannot and does not make any representation or guarantee that your case or work will be accepted by any plan lawyer.

The named subscriber is the primary member. Also included in the plan are the primary member’s spouse, dependent children, step-children and legally adopted children up to age 19 (23 if full-time student). Children over age 23 with mental or physical conditions that cause them to continue to be dependent on the primary member and/or spouse are also entitled to benefits under the plan.

Effective Date
Your membership becomes effective the date the Membership Enrollment Agreement and fee are received by our representative.

Additional Member Services
LawyersDirect Network Member Services Representatives provide members with high quality service in a variety of ways.

  • By collecting and organizing member data for efficient analysis by plan lawyers.
  • By helping members interact with qualified lawyers who listen to members concerns and help them most effectively secure their rights and interests under the law.
  • By answering questions about the legal services plan and your plan lawyer.
  • By handling plan lawyer reassignment when needed or requested.
  • By processing other plan member administrative service requests.
  • By providing these services to our members, we save them a significant amount of money in legal fees.