About LawyersDirect Network

LawyersDirect Network Inc., a privately held company, has designed and developed a comprehensive legal services plan known as the LawyersDirect Legal PlanTM. The plan provides its members with access to a wide range of quality legal services provided by its licensed plan lawyers. Whether you need family law, real estate law, consumer law, business law or some other area of law, it’s all included in the plan!

But as the baby boomers continue to age, it seems that more and more individuals initially become members in order to save money on the legal fees of the probate estate of a recently deceased parent or other loved one. That’s because our members pay less than 50% of the standard probate legal fees on the estates of recently deceased non-members in which the member is named as an executor, executrix, administrator or beneficiary of the estate. Learn more about probate services.

Of course, many members also like the idea of pre-planning their own estate settlement issues together today with their family and plan lawyer, instead of leaving everything for them to handle tomorrow alone after they are gone. They realize that handling estate settlement issues no longer has to be done post-mortem by the surviving family members. Pre-planning saves grieving loved ones a lot of unnecessary stress and emotional trauma. And best of all, as a member there are no additional charges for this advance estate resolution work. It’s all included in your membership, as is all of the estate settlement work done at the time of a member’s death. As a member, you and your heirs never incur legal fees for the handling of your estate — not now and not even at the time of death.

With LawyersDirect, you can now take care of these issues together today instead of leaving everything for them to handle tomorrow alone after you’re gone. You’ll save them time. You’ll save them money. And you’ll save them unnecessary emotional stress. Learn more about advance legal planning.