Probate Services

If you recently experienced a death in your family and are now facing the probate process because these issues were never handled ahead of time, we can help.

Become a member today and LawyersDirect plan lawyers will handle everything for you during this difficult time, including handling the probate estate of your recently deceased loved one.

Normally, probate fees for our plan members who are faced with handling a recently deceased non-member’s probate estate are significantly less because our members receive over 50% off of standard probate legal fees. This legal fee reduction is available to any plan member who is named as the executor, executrix, administrator or beneficiary of any non-member’s estate.

So, even though you are now left to deal with all of these issues, we may be able to make it just a little bit easier. Plus, you’ll probably save a lot of money.

And, maybe the surviving family members can now benefit by planning ahead together today, instead of leaving everything for their heirs to handle tomorrow alone. Becoming a member today may allow you to save over 50% off a recently deceased non-member’s probate legal fees, while at the same time implementing your own LawyersDirect System 2000TM advance planning portfolio of legal documents for yourself and your family. That way you will virtually eliminate all legal fees for yourself and your heirs in the handling of your own estate.

The LawyersDirect System 2000TM is a trademark of LawyersDirect Network Inc. and refers to the advance estate resolution portfolio of legal documents prepared by its plan lawyers for new members. By contract, LawyersDirect plan lawyers agree to provide members with this comprehensive advance legal planning and portfolio. However, LawyersDirect does not dictate, direct, monitor or supervise the work to be done by plan lawyers for plan members. Plan lawyers use their own independent professional judgment to construct the best strategy and portfolio of legal documents for members.