Today, technology is transforming innovation at its core. The result is better and cheaper ways for consumers to access all kinds of products and services.

Advanced technology is making the old brick and mortar world obsolete. The traditional law practice is expensive to operate. Somebody has to pay for all those crystal chandeliers and silver coffee carafes.

Today, with a modern business model that utilizes the latest advances in technology, many traditional law practices make less economic sense.

Smart lawyers are increasingly rethinking the fundamental ways in which they deliver legal services to consumers and generate revenues. Lawyers who are able to successfully adapt to today’s rapidly changing economy are winning. The new world business model and structure of LawyersDirect allows them to do just that.

This results in more convenience and much lower costs for consumers. Since the LawyersDirect business model strips out overhead and costs, consumers pay less for legal services and the lawyers who provide those services make more net income.

And in today’s world, that just makes sense for everyone.