LawyersDirect System 2000

LawyersDirect Legal PlanTM lawyers give all of our new members unparalleled attention and service as they welcome them into the plan. That’s because most of our new plan members know how important and valuable preventative legal care is today.

Most people become members because they want to protect their assets from the probate court process at death, and from being lost to nursing homes or lawsuits while living.

As a new plan member, you’ll be asked to complete a detailed “Lawyer Consultation Questionnaire.” This questionnaire will provide your plan lawyer with important information about you, your family and your current and potential legal needs.

After your plan lawyer reviews your completed questionnaire, he or she will meet with you in person to get acquainted and discuss your personal and legal situation. There is no charge for this meeting.

Then your lawyer will craft a strategy to deal with any current legal issues that are pending; and will determine and prepare the legal documents you need in order to protect and settle your estate. All of these legal documents are then assembled by your lawyer into a tangible product known as The LawyersDirect System 2000TM.

Once this is complete, your plan lawyer will again meet with you personally (at no charge), to discuss your legal needs and explain the details of your LawyersDirect System 2000 and begin implementation of your estate legal plan. Throughout the coming months, you will be able to communicate with your plan lawyer as often as you desire.

And remember, once you implement your System 2000 with the assistance of your plan lawyer, you and your heirs will avoid legal fees in the handling of your estate at the time of your death.

As you can see, the level of care and personal service is unparalleled. But as a member of LawyersDirect, you can expect nothing less.

The LawyersDirect System 2000TM is a trademark of LawyersDirect Network Inc. and refers to the advance estate resolution portfolio of legal documents prepared by its plan lawyers for new members. By contract, LawyersDirect plan lawyers agree to provide members with this comprehensive advance legal planning and portfolio. However, LawyersDirect does not dictate, direct, monitor or supervise the work to be done by plan lawyers for plan members. Plan lawyers use their own independent professional judgment to construct the best strategy and portfolio of legal documents for members.